Bizri Design Group


Bizri Design Group is an independent graphic design firm specializing in logo, branding and print and web design. We help our customers create strong and powerful brands that generate increased awareness and drive customers to your business.


Say What?

Client service is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on exceeding our clients' expectations and creating a partnership that brings your vision through your company's branding and design.

Below are some comments from several of our clients many of whom we've been working with for several years.

James Roberts
RT Wealth

Bizri Design Group and Rami are fantastic. The thing I covet the most with a graphic designer is efficiency - the ability to share my “vision” with them one time and then have them present options that are at least close to what I was thinking. Rami has the unique ability to ask the right questions to allow him to fully understand the underlying components that you are looking for in your branding. He then presents you with awesome options, some of which may not have been what you were initially envisioning, yet better! That’s what happened with myself and RT Wealth. I would HIGHLY recommend Bizri Design Group. The best feeling as a business owner is the feeling that you just spent your money wisely.  I have that feeling when working with Rami and Bizri Design Group.


David Thompson
Vice President
Hariri Foundation

Rami Bizri (and Bizri Design Group) has been performing web and newsletter designing services for the Hariri Foundation since 2009. We have found him to be a gifted designer with the ability to create fresh, new looks for both our website and newsletter, greatly enhancing their attractiveness and ease of navigation. His choices for design elements such as font, complementary colors and fill, borders, and page layout resulted in an overall appearance that pleased the eye and drew the reader to engage with the content of the page. In addition to his creative design talent and expert technical skills, Rami has the ability both to grasp and respond quickly to his client's needs and preferences. His congenial personality makes working with him a true pleasure.


Adam Bradley
Cleaning & Breakroom Manager
Rudolph's Office & Computer Supply

Like many people, I have trouble communicating exactly what I want and how I want something to look.  Thankfully with Bizri Design Group, I was able to share my ideas & vision and they were able to run with it, creating the exact piece I wanted. They were fully engaged and attentive throughout the process and although we only hired BDG for one division in our company, we've recently decided to use them company-wide.


Mary Ellen Conway
Capital Healthcare Group

I have worked with Rami on small projects over many years. I have always found him to be very eager to help and to complete a project on time and always at a very reasonable price. The quality of his work is terrific and I wouldn't hesitate to refer him to a colleague.